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Full Service Custom PCB:
Design, Software, & Assembly

Whether you need a full embedded controls solution or just PCB assembly, SJE Rhombus is here for you. We focus on building relationships with our customers so that we can meet their every need. While others go for quantity and corner-cutting costs, we pride ourselves on quality and the value our extra services require. Experience what top-notch service and true quality can do for your business!

" We communicate as we make the build and can catch potential issues right away.
We’re a one-stop shop. "
Tim Johnson
Production Manager

Design Services

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Circuit Board Design

Our seamless workflow enables our circuit board design and production teams to work in sync, which gets you to market faster and on budget.

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Sourcing & Inventory Solutions

We work with customers to solve part-crosses, obsolescence, hard-to-get parts, and maintaining the bill of materials.

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Firmware & Software Development

Our software allows you to get more out of your equipment, access data more effectively, and maximize connectivity.

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PCB Assembly

Whether you require thousands of printed circuit board assemblies or a few complex systems, our team can meet your needs.

Top-Notch Quality

1 %
First Time Quality

The percentage of our circuit boards that pass our first time quality test

1 %
Warranty Returns

How often our customer take advantage of our 1-year warranty

1 %
On-Time Delivery

How often we deliver our customers’ orders on time

Why Choose Us?

Unlike high-volume online PCB suppliers, we provide the kind of attention to detail and support that our customers deserve. Our process is focused on excellent communication, catching quality issues at the start, and making the process smooth for customers. We learn about our customers’ business and help them get their products to market fast. Whether you’re looking for embedded controls or custom PCB, we offer exceptional services.

High Quality

We are hands-on and apply rigorous attention to detail. We have the opportunity to identify mistakes during the entire process.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We build personal, long-term relationships with our clients to provide them with the service they need.

Easy Reorder

We always keep project details and artwork on hand after completing a project. If you need a reorder, we can do it for you fast and easy.

Supply Chain

We work with our customers to deal with part crosses, obsolescence, and hard-to-get parts to make the process as easy for them as possible.

One Location

Our team is all located in the same facility in beautiful New Hope, Minnesota. We're a small team that focuses on excellent communication for big results.

Product Knowledge

We are able to learn about what the customer does in-depth so they get the product they need to market. This also makes the process faster.

Our Experience Speaks for Itself

We have the capacity to serve many industries with our custom PCBs and embedded controls. Below are a few of the industries we have worked with and examples of their applications.



About Us

Minnesota Based. 100% Employee Owned. Established in 1975.

Since 1975, SJE Rhombus has grown to become a leading manufacturer of reliable, trouble-free liquid level controls for the water, wastewater, and sewage industries throughout the United States and Canada, as well as into global markets. For over 40 years, SJE Rhombus has been committed to providing engineering and manufacturing excellence to our customers. Our engineering expertise and broad range of core products uniquely positions the company to deliver the reliability and performance our customers require to solve their control solutions challenges.

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